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Common Symptoms

Sore throat
Stomach and abdominal pain
Swallowing problem (Dysphagia)
Thigh pain
Throat pain
Toe pain
Upper abdominal pain
Urinary retention (Inability to urinate)
Vaginal Bleeding during Pregnancy
Vaginal Bleeding after menopause
vaginal discharge
Vaginal itching
Vaginal pain
Vaginal bleeding
Wrist pain
Mouth pain
Nail Injury
Nasal congestion
Nasal injury
Neck ache or pain
Neck mass
Nipple discharge
Out of breath
Pain in the ear
Pain or soreness of breast
Pelvic pain
Penile discharge
Penis pain
Pregnancy problem
Scrotal pain
Scrotal swelling
Shoulder ache or pain
Sinus pain and pressure
Skin infection
Skin itching
Skin lesion
Amenorrhea ( No menstruation)
Ankle pain
Aphasia (Trouble speaking)
Arm ache or pain
Arm numbness (Paresthesias)
Arm swelling
Back ache or pain
Behavioral disturbances
Blood in stool
Blood in urine (Hematuria)
Burning with urination
Calf pain
Cannot keep food down
Chest Pain
Chest pressure
Confusion and headache
Coughing blood
Cranky,crying,fussy,irritable child
Ear pressure
Elbow ache or pain
Elevated temperature
Eye pain (Irritation)
Face pain
Finger pain
Flank pain
Foot cut (laceration)
Foot itching
Foot numbness (paresthesias)
Foot pain
Foot redness
Foot swelling
Frequent urination (Frequency)
Groin pain
Hand cut (laceration)
Hand,finger swelling
Head injury
Head pain
Headache and weakness
Heart murmur (Abnormal heart sound)
Heart pulsations and palpitations
Heel pain
Hip pain
Incontinence (Ieaking urine)
Infertility (Female)
Jaw pain
Joint pain
Knee pain
Leg ache or pain
Leg cut (laceration)
Lower abdominal pain
Lower extremity edema (swelling)
Lump or mass of breast

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